Resources for the Mandarin Chinese Project


CARLA – Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition
ASU Confucius Institute
CLASS – Chinese Language Association of Secondary-Elementary Schools
Asia Society Chinese Language Initiatives
CASL – Center for Advanced Study of Language

Resources for curriculum and activities

Alhambra School District – link to curriculum resources
The Chinese Staffroom – resource ideas based on grade level and type of resource you need
Best Chinese Websites – this is a very comprehensive website that provides links to other websites – scroll down to get links
E.L Easton Languages Online – links to resources such as games, culture and writing characters
UCLA Language Materials Project – features resources in Chinese
China the Beautiful – resources for Chinese art, calligraphy, poetry, etc.
Chinese Multimedia – resources for video, audio, speaking, grammar exercises, etc.
BBC Languages – Mandarin Chinese – BBC’s Chinese language learning website
Rutgers’ Chinese Website – free online multimedia Chinese courses
Mandarin Tools – resources for different tools such as dictionaries or creating English name translations
Chinese Online Games – different games that teach Chinese language and culture

 On iTunes app page*

Kids Mandarin                                  

2Kids Chines

Counting Ants Lite                           


Mandarin Baby Flash Cards             

Counting 101

Learn Chinese-BravoLang              

Taoshu LITE

Chinese Flashcards-BravoLang        

100 Tang Dynasty Chinese Poems for Children

Gordon & Li Li: Learn Animals in Mandarin

 *The school does not pay for these apps. But many of them are free and this is a great way for students to learn and reinforce their Mandarin with games, songs, activties, and character writing.

Parent Resources
Mandarin Immersion Parent Site – information about immersion teaching for parents of immersion students

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